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This is the home for tugadev projects. Here we share and maintain resources related to our development of games, game mods and maps, VR and 3D technologies, mobile apps, operating systems and tools, and other open-source projects.

tugadev is currently developing for:

 Pebble watch


Need a coder?

We have long, extensive experience coding for all sorts of projects and apps. If you need someone to develop anything in Perl, PHP, C/C++ or Java, please consider asking for a quote.

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Set in Toronto (Canada), we have been pursuing the dream of creating intelligent, engaging and amazing games and other apps for Android, Mac and PC using technologies such as VR, Unreal Engine, Source Engine and other.

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Hello world!

The ubiquitous, traditional ‘Hello World’ announces that we have started this website.  We are very happy this is so.  We will strive to make it the best resource for our fans and followers to find anything that relates to our developments. We have games, mods and maps but we also have nice content for Pebble …


General Toll-free:

1 – 833 – TUGADEV

Mailing Address:

2100 Bloor St. W, #348
Toronto, ON – M6S 5A5